A special announcement from The Commodore…

Hello all,

The club has the use of a wooden Oppie for our growing cadet fleet and we are looking for a member who would be willing to take on the maintenance of said boat in conjunction with teaching the cadets how to maintain a wooden boat.  The Oppie, as I’m sure you know, is a fairly small boat so it wouldn’t be a huge undertaking for anyone who may be interested, obviously the cost of all materials would be met by the club.  If we can find someone to take on this role, it would save us having to buy a replacement GRP boat in order to meet the needs of a growing cadet membership base.  Please contact me directly if this project grabs your interest or you need any further details.

The Cabaret Sauvignon evening is now sold out and we need to start asking for the £15 per head.
Could you please ensure that you send your payment by the 11th November by one of the following methods:

  • Cheques payable to TEYC
  • Cash with an identifying note
  • Payment direct to the club bank account, again with a reference our treasurer can easily identify with you.

Please make every effort to pay ASAP to make the treasurer’s job stress free as chasing people up for money is time consuming and a pain in the proverbial.

Many Thanks
Nigel Manning