Calling All Boat Owners – An Important Message from The Rear Commodore

Hello everyone,

This is a message to all boat owners who have a boat on the jetty to the east of the slipway…

Following the end of the sailing season on Sunday 25th November, we will be starting the re-surfacing work on the eastern part of the jetty.  This is a major task which will be completed in 3 stages, and represents a big investment of time, effort and money in the club’s future.  In order to facilitate this work, we will need to be able to move the boats stored on this part of the jetty as required.  The plan is to move all the boats from the section being worked on to one of the other sections, and then move them back once that segment is complete.  All boats will be re-secured when moved.

To enable the above to take place, we need the keys / combinations for the locks that now secure all boats on the jetty.  If you have a boat that is secured by a keyed lock, please deposit a labelled copy of your key in the pot marked “Boat Keys”, which can be found in the safe at the club.  Please label your key with your name, boat type, and boat name (if applicable).  If you have a combination lock, please email stating the same information and the combination.

Many thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

Best regards,
Steve Riddell
Rear Commodore