Little Havens Race Donations

Hi All,

As you most probably know, we have the Little Havens Charity Race tomorrow, starting @ 13.30 with perfect sailing conditions promised by the weather gurus, so it will be really good to see as many boats as possible on the water and race competitors giving generously to this brilliant charity. If you cannot make the race tomorrow but would like to make a donation could you please email The Commodore with your donation, alternatively come down and hand over a donation to Neil Charnock who is the race officer, who no doubt will be sending us off on one of his fiendishly complicated courses.

Staying on the charity topic, please note that the RNLI Charity race will be held on the 24/06 followed by our summer solstice party in the evening where our affiliated members from Aquapigs will be presenting a substantial donation to the RNLI, which we will be adding to.  Further details will follow next week, but please put the date in your diary now.

It’s very important to the TEYC that we are seen as supporting local charities so please do your best to support Little Havens and the RNLI.

Many Thanks
Nigel Manning