TEYC Special Announcement

Please see below for a special request from Neil Charnock…

Dear member,

Can you help me?  The decline in the number of members attending the Annual RNLI Dinner this year is a concern.  It would be good to reverse this trend before next year’s event in support of the club’s favourite charity.  You can help by emailing me (see the TEYCWeekAhead email for my address) with answers to the following questions:

  • What you would like to see at the RNLI dinner in 2019?
  • What would make you think about purchasing a ticket / coming to the event?

It would be great to have some feedback before further decisions are made on this yearly event.  All suggestions gratefully received.

Many thanks,


Now for a reminder of this weekends activities at The TEYC…

20:00: Bar Open – run by The Commodore

18:30: Cadet Night
Details to follow.
18:30: Bar Open – run by Neil and Annette Charnock

12:00 – 15:00: Bar Open
13:00 – Safety Boat Training
High Water: 15:21  / Height: 5.9m
For all those on the current course – please meet on the jetty at 13:00.