TEYC Special Announcement – DutyMan is coming

Hi all,

This special announcement is of particular relevance to all those of you who are on the various TEYC duty rotas. That is the Race Officers, Safety Boat Crews, and Bar Stars who help the sailing and social sides of our club to run as smoothly and efficiently as they do.

If you are not on any of these rotas, then this information probably isn’t for you.  However, we are always looking for new volunteers to step-up and lend a hand. So, if you would like to play a greater role in your club’s operation, please reply to this email to let us know. Training for all 3 roles can be provided.

If you are on any of these rotas, then please read on…

DutyMan is used by sailing clubs around the world and by many similar organisations that rely on volunteers.  It is a sailing club management system that provides reminders of duties via email, duty swapping, and calendar publishing on the web.  Full details can be found on the DutyMan Website.

At the TEYC, we have been trialling the system using the Thursday Night Bar Stars’ Rota since the beginning of 2018 – this has proved very successful. We are now looking to roll it out across the other rotas in use at the club.

DutyMan is fully administered over the internet.  You will receive a welcome message containing instructions on how to sign in to DutyMan, and how to perform functions such as requesting to swap duties that you cannot fulfil.  You will also begin receiving the following:

  • Notifications of duties that you have either been allocated or volunteered for
  • Invitations to sign up for available duties
  • Requests to swap duties with other members who have requested

If you have any problems or queries regarding DutyMan, please email dutyman@teyc.co.uk.