The Week Ahead 11th – 17th November


Firstly a Special Message – Calling Notice – Your Club needs YOU!

Dear all, for those of you who have thought how you’d like to see the Club moving ahead from 2020 onwards, and those who would like to be more involved in running the Club, have you thought of putting your name on the Nominations List for the 2020 Committee that is now up on the notice board?

If you’d like to take a low-key role, consider applying to be a general committee member. You’ll attend the committee meetings, gain experience and insight and get involved in using your skills where you can make a difference. Or, if it’s a particular post you’re interested in where you have some experience, that may be for you. There are so many areas you can get involved in, from having a hand in maintaining the Club premises and Club boats, to helping out with sailing events, to joining the bar and galley teams, to putting on entertainments, to helping with the Cadets, there is bound to be something for everyone. You’ll find it fun and very rewarding being part of the team, and you will be involved in the core decision-making processes that guide the direction of the Club.

You’ll need to find someone to propose you for the role, and a seconder. The details can be entered on the nominations list, then all you have to do is attend the AGM, scheduled for Sunday morning, 12 January 2020 where the 2020 Committee is voted on. Remember that the Club’s officers and committee members are elected – you can put your name down for a specific position even if another name has already been entered against that role on the Nominations List. If you have any questions, pop down to the Club when the bar’s open and feel free to have a chat with one of the flag officers.
Even if being on the committee isn’t your thing but you would like to help just let us know – it is your Club!

From your Committee

Secondly, a Special Message from DutyMan

As you all know, the TEYC has a team of volunteer Bar Stars who work tirelessly to serve our drinks, stock our fridges, wash our glasses, and listen attentively to all our tales of sailing derring-do. Without these selfless souls, our club nights and special functions would be far less enjoyable for us all. “How can I do my bit?” I hear you say. I’m glad you asked…

It will soon be time to draw up the Bar Star rotas for 2020. If you would like to be added to the rota to run the bar on occasional Friday evenings, and possibly volunteer for ad-hoc Club functions, please email (see theweekahead email) to let me know. Naturally, training will be given where required, although the job is so simple even the Rear Commodore can do it.



20:00: Bar OpenYour Bar Star Neil Woodbridge

20:00: Bar OpenYour Bar Stars Jay Denny & Kev Riddell

12:30-14:30: Bar Open

Yoga at the Thames…
Monday: 18:45-20:00:Hatha Yoga suitable for all abilities – drop in £6
Tuesday: 19:00-21:00: Full Moon Healing Gong sound journey and gentle Hatha Yoga – £15
Wednesday: 09:30-10:45:Hatha Yoga suitable for all abilities – drop in £6
Thursday: 09:30-10:30: YinYoga & 10:45-11:45: Qi Gong
Drop in £15 for both sessions – £99 for 7 weeks
£9 individual class – £55 for 7 weeks
To book contact Sarah (see theweekahead email for her details)


Monday 18th November
20:00 onwards: Yoga at the Thames… FREE event Essential oils and emotions


Monday 25th November
19:00-21:00: Yoga at the Thames… Yin Yoga and crystal bowl sound journey with Nicole Shields Holistic Serenity – £20
To pre-book contact Sarah (see theweekahead email for her details) or visit the Holistic Serenity Facebook event page

Thursday 28th November
RNLI Christmas Card Sale

Saturday 30th November
End of Year Series 3 & 4
Laying Up SupperCurry Buffet, details to follow !

Tuesday 31st December
TEYC New Year’s Eve Party, friends and family welcomeMore details to follow in the week !