The Week Ahead 18th – 22nd July


A call for help…
Following the great success with the cadet activities and the joining of new family members we are asking for volunteers to helm the 2 new club boats, a Wayfarer and an RS Vision, on a rota bases to help with the training of the cadets, parents and other adult members who wish to learn to sail. The more volunteers on the rota would mean that it could be only once or twice a year. Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Please reply to to volunteer for the rota.

Cadet Regatta – August Bank Holiday

Download the booking form for the August Cadet Regatta.  Please note that limited spaces are available and forms must be back by Sunday 5th August.  No more cadets will be accepted to take part after in the regatta after that time.

Now please see below for details of this week’s activities at The TEYC…

20:00: Bar Open – Run by Graham Manning

Evening Sail
Safety Boat: Gary Absolom / Crew: Volunteer RequiredLog into DutyMan and volunteer
High Water: 19:09 / Height: 5.3
20:00: Club Night – The bar will be run by Steve Riddell

08:30: Early Risers Race 4
Race Officer: Jay Denny
Safety Boat: Graham Manning / Crew: Eddie Gargan
High Water: 08:57 / Height: 5.0
13:00 – 16:00: Bar open


Saturday 28th July
12:00: R.N.L.I Charity Race
Race Officer: David Taylor
Safety Boat 1: Jonathan Charnock / Crew: Andy Harvey
Safety Boat 2: Nigel Rae / Crew: Andy Stafford
High Water: 13:56 / Height: 5.6

Sunday 29th July
12:30: Summer Points 1 & 2 (Laser & Dart Trophy)
Race Officer: Richard Bond
Safety Boat: Mark Allinson / Crew: Chris Lightfoot
High Water: 14:30 / Height: 5.6