The Week Ahead 24th – 30th July

Please see below for details of all this week’s activities at the TEYC…


20:00: Bar open run by Dave Sporle.
Beer of the week is Cockleboats Best Bitter 4.0% ABV – Deep copper colour, brewed using 5 Malts including some German. 2 American hop varieties make this a palate filling session ale that goes down really well.

20:00: Bar open run by Paul Hunt and Clive Brinkman

15:00: Friends and Family Day
Safety Boat: M Allinson
High Water: 17:36 / Height: 5.5

07:45: Ray Day
High tide is 6:10am so anyone wishing to participate needs to be at the jetty by 7:45am at the absolute latest. We cannot wait around for anyone as we will be out of tide.
The plan for the day will be to leave the jetty at the very latest of 8:45am and then return around 4pm when the tide comes back in. Anyone who wants to go needs to bring their own food and drink for the day, suncream, and warm layers in case the weather changes (we cannot come back to the shore). We will have rounders, and football out on the Ray as well as some water based activities so it will be great for as many people to join us as possible, cadets cannot attend without a parent.
If anyone wants to come they need to let Zoe know by email by Friday evening (see the recent TEYC WeekAhead email for her address).
Safety Boat: Neil Woodbridge
High Waters: 06:10 and 18:27 Height: 5.2
13:00 – 16:00: Bar open run by Tom Burgess.



Tuesday 1st August
19:30: Evening Handicap 7
Race Officer: Clive Brinkman / Safety Boat: TBC
High Water: 20:14 / Height: 4.8

Wednesday 2nd August
19:30: Evening Handicap 8
Race Officer: Dave McNally / Safety Boat: Tim McNally
High Water: 21:31 / Height: 4.7

Saturday 5th August
9:00: Possible “One Tide Sailing Adventure”
August the 5th is a free day on the sailing calendar and we were thinking of a massive ‘one tide sailing adventure’ to All Hallows’ Yacht Club. (Due south). Leave as early as possible (9am?) sail straight across. Invade Kent, look for any Deathly Hallows, claim it for Essex and then eat nice lunch in their delightful club with friendly Sailors. Return to Jetty for 3pm(ish). Up for it?? Send an email to Neil Woodbridge (see the recent TEYC WeekAhead email for his address)
Please note there is a private function at the club that afternoon would members please use the disabled loo for changing etc etc and not to use the clubhouse.

Sunday 6th August
August Cup 1 & 2 – Laser & Dart Trophy
Race Officer: Jay Denny Safety / Boat: Nigel Rae
High Water: 12:43 / Height: 5.4