The Week Ahead 26th November – 2nd December


Your Club Needs you
Please see the special message from Your Committee.


Back by popular demand – Winter Dog Walks
As so many members are dog owners, we thought it would be an idea to start doing winter doggy walks as it’s a good way of staying in touch while we take a break from sailing.  They will be held on a Sunday Lunchtimes so we can take advantage of the bar being open on our return.  Obviously you don’t have to be a dog owner to come along if you just fancy a walk.  The dates are listed below and the start time will be 12.00 from the jetty and lasting approx 40 mins and they are mainly timed to coincide with the tide being out so the dogs can have a run on the beach.  The only stipulations are that all mud must be washed off your dog before going into the clubhouse and dogs must be kept on a lead in the clubhouse.

  • 30/12/18
  • 01/01/19 Chance to walk the excesses of the night before away. 
  • 27/01/19
  • February dates to follow

Boat Keys – Deadline This Friday

  • Please note that this includes the boats in the lower part of the rack.
  • Please also note that, if we need to move your boat and you haven’t supplied us with a key or a combination, the cable may get cut.  If this happens, you will be charged for a replacement cable and padlock.

As per the previous message from the Rear Commodore, if you have a boat on the jetty to the east of the slipway we need the key or combination to its lock.  Please deposit a labeled copy of your key in the pot marked “Boat Keys”, which can be found in the safe at the club.  Please label your key with your name, boat type, and boat name (if applicable).  And please, please take the trouble to label your actual keys rather than shoving them in an envelope and writing your details on that – this will make the job of the people actually doing the work much easier.  If you have a combination lock, please reply to this email stating the same information and the combination.


The last of the loose tyres on the jetty have now been removed and disposed of at the clubs expense.  If you are still using tyres to prop your boat up and you decide that they are no longer required, please take responsibility for disposing of them yourself.  As previously mentioned, Mark Allinson has kindly offered to assist anybody to make a trestle to replace tyres being used to support a boat – please reply to TheWeekAhead email if you would like his help.

Now please see below for details of this week’s activities at The TEYC…

20:00: Bar Open – Run by Zoé Ager-Lowden

20:00: Club Night – The bar will be run by Graham Manning

10:00: Possible Jetty Working Party – Please save the date and watch for announcements

13:00 – 16:00: Bar Open

DIARY DATES – put them in your diary now…

Friday 7th December
18:00: Cadet Christmas Party
There will be Christmas craft activities and side stalls.

Sunday 16th December
14:00: Christmas Buffet
Please see the flyer for all the details. To book your place, please email with numbers and any special dietary requirements (see TheWeekAhead email for the address). dietary requirements.

Sunday 30th December
12:00: The First Winter Dog Walk
See the notice board above for all the details.