The Week Ahead 31st May – 4th June

Please see below for details of the forthcoming events at the TEYC…

20:00: Bar open run by Dave Sporle
Beers of the week will be Wallasea Wench followed by Cockleboats

18:30: Bar open run by Sharon Riddell
18:30: Cadet Night
18:30: Evening Sail
Safety Boat: Neil Woodbridge
High Water: 19:45  / Height: 5.1

18:30: Bar open run by Sue and Steve Riddell
19:30: Evening Handicap 2
Race Officer: Ruth Lowden  / Safety Boat: Dave Lowden
High Water 20:52  / Height 5.0

13:00 – 16:00: Bar open run by Mel Robertson


Friday 9th June
19:30: TEYC At Home
Please come and support  the “TEYC At Home”.   For those members who are new to the club, this event is held in the clubhouse and is open to all members of other yacht clubs.  Let’s show the others that we are a warm and welcoming club that is passionate about sailing and water activities.   Various local dignitaries, including the Mayor and our local MP, have accepted invitations.  A cheese and pâté buffet will be served on the night.
19:30: Bar open run by Jay Denny and Kevin Riddell

Saturday 10th June
13:00: Family Day + SEEH Day
Safety Boat: Neil Woodbridge
High Water 14:01  / Height 5.6

Sunday 11th June
12:30: Summer Points 1 & 2 + Laser & Dart Trophy
Race Officer: Richard Bond  / Safety Boat: Adam Manning
High Water: 14:34  / Height: 5.6

Saturday 24th June
RNLI Charity Race + Summer Solstice Party
Please click on the RNLI Charity Race and Summer Solstice Party links for information about each of these events.