The WeekEnd Ahead 21st – 22nd July


Sunday Bay Opening
Please note that the club bar will not be open tomorrow afternoon.

Jetty Fencing
The new jetty fencing, which was due to have been completed this week, unfortunately stalled on the start line when the contractors announced they could not complete the work without considerable extra expense due to the concrete base that forms the north side of the jetty.  They were sent packing by The Commodorehaving been told in no uncertain terms that they need to survey their work more thoroughly in future.  The small length of brown fencing near the main gate was installed by them to replace that section which they had already removed.  A new contractor has been engaged and the new fencing should be installed in a couple of weeks time.

Jetty Rubbish
The pile of fallout from various projects which has built up near the main gate was due to have disappeared by now as part of the fencing work (see above).  It will now be removed by the new fencing contractors in two week’s time.

Tyres on The Jetty
The collection of loose tyres that has built up on the jetty will soon be removed.  The club has to pay for these to be disposed.  Please do not bring tyres onto the jetty unless you specifically wish to use them to prop up a boat.  Also, if you have been using tyres to prop up a boat and no longer require them, please dispose of them yourself.  Mark Allinson has kindly offered to assist anybody to make a trestle to replace tyres being used to support a boat – please reply to TheWeekAhead if you would like his help.

Now please see below for details of this weekend’s activities at The TEYC…

08:30: Early Risers Race 4
Race Officer: Jay Denny
Safety Boat: Graham Manning / Crew: Eddie Gargan
High Water: 08:57 / Height: 5.0