The WeekEnd Ahead: 6th – 8th July UPDATE


Saturday afternoon – 15:00 England Vs Sweden – FIFA World Cup Quarter Final
We will be streaming the match live onto a wide-screen TV at the club.  Come and watch the game at the Estuary’s best venue. The bar will, of course, be very open. All together now – It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming, football’s coming home…

Saturday evening – BBQ and The Daisy Bowlers
The BBQ is now sold out.  If anyone wants to just come and down to see The Daisy Bowlers, please contact The Commodore (see this week’sTheWeekAhead email for his address) for a ticket, which will be priced at only £8. Please feel free to bring friends along. See below for all the details.

Now please see below for details of this weekend’s activities at The TEYC…

18:30: Bar Open: 
Run by Sharon Riddell
18:30: Cadet Night
18:30: Evening Sail
Safety Boat: Graham Manning / Crew: TBC
High Water: 18:34 / Height: 5.0
20:00: Club Night – The bar will be run by Cheryl Wright
Beer of the week is Leigh Brewery Legra Ale – 3.8% on tap and chilled; a light, fresh and sessionable golden ale. Single hopped, during the boil and following fermentation, with lashings of Citra hops for a clean citrus flavour. Tastes fantastic – especially when drunk with a fabulous view over the Estuary!

From 14:30: World Cup Football, BBQ and The Daisy Bowlers

  • 14.30: Bar Open
  • 15:00: England Vs Sweden
  • 17.45: onwards the BBQ will be served.
  • 19.30: The Daisy Bowlers will start and will play for approx 50 mins and then take a 15 min break and then play for another 50 mins.
  • The bar will be open throughout the proceedings.

13:00 – 16:00: Bar open