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Membership Fees 2022

Ordinary: – £138 ……….(or £11.50 a month)
Joint: – £200 ……….(or £16.67 a month)
Midshipman: (18 to 21 years) – £70 ……….(or £5.83 a month)
Cadet: (Under 18 years) – £33 ……….(or £2.75 a month)
Junior Cadet: (12 years and under ) – £22 ……….(or £1.83 a month)
Country: – £60 ……….(or £5.00 a month)
Country Couple: – £84 ……….(or £7.00 a month)
Social: – £60 ……….(or £5.00 a month)
Senior Social: – £30  ……….(or £2.50 a month)

Jetty storage fees are additional and run March to March

Membership renewal due annually on the 1st November. Failure to pay until after 1st January receives a 10% penalty surcharge. Any resignations must reach the committee in writing before the 1st November.

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