Bar opening and return to sailing guidelines


Please refer to the full TEYC COVID-19 guidelines for sailing and clubhouse use.
However, here are some quick rules we ask you to follow:
  1. If you are sailing then please come ready or be prepared to change on the jetty.
  2. There is a 30 person limit in the clubhouse. Please sign in and respect the limit. If necessary wait outside until someone leaves.
  3. Order drinks from behind the line, use the hand sanitizer and ideally wear a facemask to do so. Skye is running the bar. She will place your drinks at the end of the bar for you to collect.
  4. Pay by card.
  5. Return your empties to the galley counter.
  6. As you enter and leave the clubhouse keep the enter/exit zone clear. If it is not clear wait until it is.
  7. Ladies to use the ladies toilet. Gents, please use the outside loo.
  8. If you are uncomfortable with someone being too close politely ask them to step back and don’t be offended if it is you being asked.
Please view the attached pictures and stay safe.